i wake up to this fucking nonsense why are the new bubble notifications fucking orange i am steaming fuck this whenever the hell have notifications been fucking orange fuck it tumblr FUCK IT

*blood orange.



@allisonjamiekaye: Happiest of birthdays @justinbieber!! Where has the time gone? Can’t believe you’re 20 already. Love you to pieces.

Justin Drew Bieber,

Being a fan of yours is sometimes hard because of all the hate we get for being your fan. You’re a human being, just like you and I. I know you are making your dream and other people’s dream possible. I’ve been a fan of yours since November 2009. I have dedicated and been a fan of yours for 4 years now, it’s been rough these past few months, but we are now getting out of this dark cloud. I’ve seen you grow up, but you haven’t seen me grow up, but I’m here, growing up with you. You inspire me to move along life, your songs motivate me to be a better person. You have taught me never to give up my dreams, because if I fight for what I want I will make my dream possible I admire the fact you don’t let the put downs of the haters get in your way.  I know, and I see that being a worldwide celebrity is hard because all the paparazzi’s a right behind you when you do something wrong, but they are never there when you do something right.  But you know what? I’m always here for you when you do the right and wrong actions. Yes, I may laugh about some of the wrong actions you make, but one day you will look back and say “What was I thinking?” and laugh about it.  I have a feeling towards you Justin, that I cannot explain because every time I see you, whether its performing live or just a simple picture, I smile like an idiot.

I want to thank you for coming into my life because now I have someone look up to because I appreciate you for giving me a smile ever day and for you without knowing, helping me through some very hard times. I love everything about you, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I will always be here for you, just like you will be there for me, not physically, but mentally and through music.

I love you and I hope you never stop making me smile.

♥♥♥Happy Birthday!♥♥♥

I still don’t feel like justin is 20 but it’ll hit me hard after like a week kill me


If anyone ruins justin’s birthday



@alfredoflores: Happy Birthday to my brother. Ain’t so little anymore! What a journey it’s been. Here’s to many more years of happiness and fun! @justinbieber 2⃣0⃣❗️